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City of Dust

Truckload after truckload coal is transported to the smelter. Its veins crawl through the city and coal dust floats in the air. The smelter employs most of Anning's population.


China is the biggest consumer of coal, partially because of its steel production  and the vast quantities of available coal.

Two children playing outside their homes, next to the train tracks.

Everything has a grey layer of dust.

Early morning the tracks become a route for employees going to and leaving their shift.

After getting help from a young mechanic the motorbike starts with a loud roar and the man drives off.

Many people go rounds around town collecting everything they can turn into cash. In a district in between the factory people work with all kinds of recycling, from burning the plastic off cables in order to get the metal to sorting paper.

One day the basketball field is surrounded by military vehicles and an officer gathers men from the neighborhood.

And old woman with a protective mask, early morning before sunrise.

Pipes and tubes go all around the city.