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The last Fish

In parts of the South China Sea fishing stocks have subsided by 90 percent since the 1950s. Simultaneously traditional fishing methods are replaced by large industrial fishing.

The fishermen in Sun Moon Bay, on Hainans east coast, believe they are the last of their generation.


Chen Qióng (left) and Héle Cùn have been fishing together for as long as they remember. Qióng says it´s not a choice wether they like fishing or not, it's they´re job. All of his five children are attending university, they´re not going to be fishers.

Li Yù Cún rests his hurting back between playing rounds of cards. He says that dreams cost money, money they do not have. Which is why, he says, he always enjoys the moment.

In order to get every fish out of the net the jellyfish have to be pulled up from the water too. They are cut in two and then thrown back into the water.

The men play cards, betting their money. During the game they shout and argue.

View from the boat. According to the fishermen, there are no female fishers.

Mr. Li looking at the ocean and drinking a cup of tea.